MapaLakad Tour: Review

All my thanks to my good friend and fellow writer, Carmel Ilustrisimo, for blogging about her walking experience with our MapaLakad group!

Carmel Reviews Things

by Carmel Ilustrisimo

Last week, I joined a few friends, old and new, on a walking tour around Old Manila. MapaLakad was created by our tour guide (and my good friend), Reina Adriano, as part of a school project. For P80, you get a free chapbook filled with beautiful prose poetry written by Adriano herself, along with the walking tour. We visited old buildings and sights in Quiapo, Escolta, and Binondo respectively.

Mind you, most of the places we went to were not tourist hotspots. It was what I would call “the authentic Manila experience.” We saw Manila at it its most downtrodden and squalid. We jumped over mud puddles, dodged trash strewn carelessly on the street, pinched our noses at the smoke and canal smells, and heard the loud voices of sellers calling out their wares. We passed by shanties with half-dilapidated houses and saw traces of old Manila…

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One fine Sunday well spent at the Metro

Blog post made by Sig Yu, a friend of mine who joined the MAPA/LAKAD last Sunday, March 19, 2017.

The Animista Speaks

Greetings everyone!

So I’m back for some quite a while now but never the less, that doesn’t mean I have been just hibernating and all that self-arrest whatever you call it in your mind… ehe

To be honest, it just so happen that I have been doing a lot of things… you know, adult stuff, work to be exact but one thing I really wanted to share with you now is my recent experience last Sunday, March 19 at the Escolta-Binondo area of Metro Manila. That’s right, at the Metro…

So here’s how it all took place… A friend/fellow of mine posted on Facebook and it had something to do with her project. She was looking for some volunteers who would like to take part in her project, which is also part of her course requirements. What got my attention is that, it involved walking and it would be held…

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