My voice out in the open

My friends from the Philippines have been asking why I’ve been more active on social media lately. I’ve been posting regular Instagram photos with an enthusiastic note and a scripted pose, not to mention a bunch of tags like #hultambassador #globalgeneration #hultmoment. They know me well enough that I’m not the type of person to promote online, because I’m the more brooding type of girl who sits in the corner of coffee shops and write about my personal troubles in life. (That, and they expect me to be the pretentious writer I’ve always been.)

Fair enough, which is why they’re my friends–they are aware of how vulnerable I can be to the world and how scared I am of rejection if I open up just a little bit. But there’s a reason to all the changes that has been happening to me recently.

I wish I could still be the quiet Reina who thinks to herself in one corner about her problems. The girl who refuses to socialize (hint: network) because she’d rather just have people initiate conversations with her. Or the one who doesn’t speak up at all because she feels like her opinions aren’t welcomed. I wish I could just be all that, to just be comfortable in the silence, but I know that it will never be enough.

The world is calling me to go beyond myself, to pursue greater things for the better good of others, and that if I were to help people with the skills I’ve trained myself in all these years, then I should start putting my voice out in the open.

HULT gave me the initiative to do that. When I applied for the Global Ambassador Program, I had an interview with the Social Media Manager, Debbie Anne Gacutan, and she told me to just be myself throughout the process. Nothing requires more honesty and authenticity than a face-to-face conversation.

Before that, I submitted a short essay on what it takes to exemplify the HULT DNA and when I received the invitation for the interview, I told Debbie that if I were to promote HULT to the public, I would not shy away from telling the truth about it. That being said, I am to maintain the self-awareness that the school, just like me, isn’t perfect, that it has its ups and downs as well, that it can have some shortcomings from time to time.

But I am not giving up on it, in the same way that the school is not giving up on the shy, hesitant girl that I’ve always been.


Career Boot Camp posters at school

I’ve met the other Global Ambassadors for the Boston campus and have started working on the Career Boot Camp article with the other students who are also collaborating with me from their campus. I don’t know how far my voice can take me, or how relevant my honesty can be in the times when promoting things tend to be sugarcoated with a different tone, but this I hope: it will all be worth it someday.


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