Today, March 26, was the second city walk. Had four other friends visit the spots with me. Took us ’til 6:30 pm though since we reached Divisoria and had to go back to the First United Building because a friend wanted to buy a souvenir.

Assessment of Progress

The guidebook layout didn’t make it in time for the 2nd city walk but good thing Sir Pao taught me how to do a simple layout. Ended up with this zine-like output:

My layout artist sent me some sample pages that he himself had made last night. Sa sobrang ganda ng pagkakagawa niya, nagmumukhang prayer book itong naunang ginawa ko HAHAHA

Nevertheless, you may view the tester guidebook here or through ISSUU:


My poetry writing professor, Sir Allan Popa, challenged us to note down details in our surroundings (ala Georges Perec). According to him: “mahirap mapansin ang mga nakasanayan na.” I decided to try it out while walking around Manila:

Mapanghi ang labas ng San Sebastian. Amoy usok ng mga kandila sa may altar. Amoy Intsik ang Ongpin. Humina ang amoy pagdating sa Yuchengco. Amoy gamot ang Quiapo. Maririnig mo ang Mandarin sa katahimikan. Maingay naman sa Raon. Dumadagundong ang mge stereo. DVD, DVD sa bungad ng FR Hidalgo. Iba ang kulay ng mga gusali sa Escolta. Puro X-rated na palabas daw ang nasa Times Theater.

Some things I wrote in my notebook. Other instances that made my week was that my friends had tried to share their own experiences in the city walk. Here are some of their posts:


Was thinking about why I wanted to do a city walk in the first place. The blackout map was the means, as far as FA102 needs an output. But the essayist in me has been pondering about it quite some time and I know this might get a little bit personal; my self-reflexivity has been demanding the reason behind why I put so much effort in asking friends to learn from the stories of the city, especially the buildings that are abandoned.

I am having a hard time dealing with separation.

Being a senior about to graduate in two months and set to leave for graduate school in Boston by September, it’s not easy to just abandon everything you have come to love in such a short moment. I still don’t want my college years to end, but I know I should finish all my requirements and march down the aisle the second time around.

That being said, I feel that my absence may not be significant enough for people to talk about while I’m away, but at least this is my way of passing on what I know about the city, which more or less, has become some kind of reconciliation to me as a person who is always rearranging her thoughts at any given time.

Anyway, to lessen the drama: we got a bit lost looking for Ides O’ Racca in the 2nd tour today. Had to use a GPS to find our way back to Binondo.

Pagod kaming lahat, pero masaya.



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